White Negroni

Majestic Negroni! Besides its bittersweet flavour, the most well-known characteristic of this famous cocktail is its distinctly 'red with a hint of orange' shade. Although many bartenders swear by classic recipes, every now and then, a pretty lady comes to the bar and nonchalantly says: 'Sorry, red is not my colour.' An enthusiastic mixologist accepts the challenge, and a new masterpiece is made! Meet the WHITE NEGRONI!


  • 40 ml Parson Classy gin
  • 40 ml Cucielo Bianco vermouth
  • 15 ml Paragon White Penja Pepper cordial
  • 5 ml Monin Elderflower syrup


Lemon zest

Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass, add ice, and stir with a spoon for about 50 turns. Pour over an XXL ice cube into a chilled low tumbler glass with a golden rim.

The cocktail bursts with floral aromas provided by an intense cordial featuring hints of spice and menthol. A gentle scent of elderflower, reminiscent of perfume, enhances the experience. It is smoother and lighter than its classic version, yet with just enough bitterness to evoke the proper Negroni vibe.