The Grape Gatsby

Negroni, oh, Negroni! You like it or you hate it; there's no in-between. Or, better said: either you can handle it or you can't. Made of only three ingredients - gin, sweet vermouth, and bitter liqueur - it may be one of the simplest cocktails to make, but with an outcome so complex and edgy, it takes a bold drinker to face its extraordinary character. According to Drinks International, the Negroni was the world's best-selling classic cocktail in 2022, which makes us come to the conclusion that last year was... well, quite tough.

As much as we love classic recipes, it's the playfulness and experimentation that make mixology an artistic profession. And boy, do we love liquid art! With thousands and thousands of different spirits in the world, you can probably drink millions of Negronis, with none of them tasting the same.

Our unique twist on a Negroni cocktail has a distinctive Slovenian touch, and it's going to take you on a late evening journey among vineyards where gentle sunrays are flirting with the bitterness of the dusk.

Shall we?


  • 30 ml Parson Grapy gin
  • 30 ml homemade red wine teran liqueur
  • 30 ml Campari


Orange peel


We'll make it easy for you and prepare three little bottles filled with each of the ingredients. Just pour them into a chilled low tumbler glass with a large ice cube, add orange zest, and you're already on a stairway to cocktail heaven.


Sweet vermouth is exchanged with a rich liqueur made from Slovenian 'teran,' a red wine containing a high level of tannins, originated in the Kras region. Its flavors are marvelously combined with gentle aromas of Styrian grapes 'jurka,' all balanced by the bitter agent Campari.