We are an IWSC and WGA winners

Parson Gin won 4 medals at the prestigious IWSC spirits awards and 2 medals at the World Gin Awards 2022

Creating a good gin with a balanced botanical recipe is an art form. And we couldn’t be prouder that our hard work is being recognized worldwide when Parson Classy was awarded with Best Slovenian Compound gin.


Our story started with Grapy, the world’s first premium gin from the aromatic Styrian grapes Jurka. To be awarded with the Best Slovenian Flavoured gin with Parson Grapy is a special honor and joy.

After being named ‘country best gin’ at the World Gin Awards, We’re proud to announce Parson Grapy and Cosy have been awarded the silver medal and at the the IWSC spirits awards while Parson Classy and Sunny received the bronze medal.