Marhaba, Emirates!

Have you ever wondered whether Parson Gin tastes different at the top of the Burj Khalifa? We'll let you know soon!

By now, you're probably aware that Parson loves discovering new places and is excited to leave his pawprints in locations he's never been before. This time, his curious snout led us to the warmest place. We're thrilled to announce that our beloved spirit is now embraced by the United Arab Emirates!

If you've always wanted to visit this diverse, modern, sun-kissed country, now you have another reason to do so! With an ice-cold Parson gin & tonic in hand, even the hottest day in the desert will feel like a breezy beachside adventure.

Before our gintastic drink conquers this lovely federation of seven emirates, let us serve you a few facts about drinking and behaving in the UAE:

  • The UAE has strict legal regulations concerning alcohol consumption. It's permitted for non-Muslim residents and tourists, while it's prohibited for Muslim citizens, reflecting respect for the nation's cultural diversity.
  • Alcohol is available for purchase and enjoyment at licensed venues in the UAE, such as hotels, bars, clubs, and restaurants, making it convenient for those who wish to partake.
  • During special occasions, including religious and national holidays, the UAE observes 'dry days,' a practice designed to uphold cultural and religious values by temporarily prohibiting the sale of alcohol.
  • Despite the strict regulations, the UAE's government has embraced the growth of artisanal distilleries and local spirits, including gin, showcasing a commitment to promoting both tradition and innovation.
  • Gin and tonic is a favored drink among visitors to the UAE's iconic rooftop bars and lounges, offering a refreshing and elevated experience.
  • The UAE maintains a stringent zero-tolerance policy for drunk driving, prioritizing safety on its roads.


Please drink responsibly and respectfully!